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« We Say GoodBye, We say Hello! »

Europeana Sounds project comes to its end on January 31st 2017. Since 2014, 24 organizations from 12 European countries have brought together their sound libraries on a common platform, in order to provide access to their audio contents, to share, to aggregate and to enrich them. The goal of one million of sounds collected by January 2017 was successfully reached!

As far as the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is concerned, Europeana Sounds was a great opportunity to create an efficient sustainable network between four laboratories: the Mediterranean Social Science Center (MMSH), the Research Center for Ethnomusicology (CREM-LESC), the Historical Researches Laboratory of Rhône-Alpes Region (LARHRA) and the Center for Researches on Sound Spaces and Urban Environments (CRESSON). This collaboration allowed each structure to upgrade and enrich their sound archives. A nice example here: “cartophonies” by the CRESSON. Continuer la lecture de « We Say GoodBye, We say Hello! »