The MMSH sound archives at IASA 2013 (Vilnius)

Ethical and legal issues for dissemination of oral sources in Humanities: 
writing a collective good practices guide (Véronique Ginouvès, MMSH, plenary presentation, Wednesday, October 9, 9 AM)

The sound archives of the Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l’homme – Mediteranean House of the Humanities (MMSH) contain more than 7000 hours of recordings in the field of humanities ; 1000 hours are available on-line in compliance with legal and ethical issues. The digital switchover has led to a paradoxical situation, because if sound archives have moved from a confidential to a very simple and easy access, multiple restrictions for rights and ethics reasons prohibit their dissemination. In order to respond the legitimate rights of scholars to use multimedia materials as part of their work while respecting the rights associated with theses documents, the MMSH sound archives has chosen to form a network with several resources centers. All of them do not deal with sound archives, but they all manage collections in the ethnology field. Based on the multiple experiences of this network, the objective is to draw together a guide of best practices for data dissemination for social sciences and humanities research considering legal and ethics questions. To be as close as possible as a collecting writing process, the workgroup “Ethics and Law for the dissemination of data in humanities” has been writing its guide of good practices on a blog, inviting readers to comment through posts on the entire chain: from production to storage, processing and dissemination of the fieldworks’ recordings.

2013 Joint IASA-BAAC Annual Conference programme

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Crédits photographiques : Aéroport de Vilnius, octobre 2013, photographie de Véronique Ginouvès, CC 

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