“We Say GoodBye, We say Hello!”

Europeana Sounds project comes to its end on January 31st 2017. Since 2014, 24 organizations from 12 European countries have brought together their sound libraries on a common platform, in order to provide access to their audio contents, to share, to aggregate and to enrich them. The goal of one million of sounds collected by January 2017 was successfully reached!

As far as the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is concerned, Europeana Sounds was a great opportunity to create an efficient sustainable network between four laboratories: the Mediterranean Social Science Center (MMSH), the Research Center for Ethnomusicology (CREM-LESC), the Historical Researches Laboratory of Rhône-Alpes Region (LARHRA) and the Center for Researches on Sound Spaces and Urban Environments (CRESSON). This collaboration allowed each structure to upgrade and enrich their sound archives. A nice example here: “cartophonies” by the CRESSON.

The last application created in this framework is Europeana Radio, launched on January 12th 2017, which offers the opportunity to a wide audience to reach very easily the different partners musical contents and to annotate the music genre they correspond to. Everyone can participate, with no need to log in! A wonderful way to conclude Europeana Sounds…

Europeana Sounds also allowed us to improve our legal and ethical framework through the release of the collective Policy Recommendations for improving online access to audio and audio-related heritage in Europe.

Last but not least, the consortium involved the public audiences, creative industry, and researchers in order to enrich and promote their archives through several actions of crowdsourcing, such as the edit-a-thon, which took place in December 2016 at the MMSH.

In the meantime, a crowdsourcing action is still going on: “Identify musical instruments in our recordings”. We reached 19% of the goal so far, help us before January 31st to get to 100% and Start Tagging! To learn more about crowdsourcing and Europeana Sounds, you can read another blogpost by Enzo.

Europeana project will continue to enrich the sound archives on the platform, so this is just goodbye and see you soon!

Thanks to the project, four laboratories of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) gathered their archives, which are available on Europeana Music.


Together, they fixed a special playlist to bid a warm farewell:

The phonobase (LARHRA), last laboratory involved in the consortium, offers over 10 000 references digitized from wax rolls:

The MMSH emphasizes on polyphonies from South Mediterranean area:

The CREM-LESC, specialized in Ethnomusicology, shared a goodbye song stamped with Portuguese Saudade:

Finally, the CRESSON, the Center for Researches on Sound Spaces and Urban Environments sent its urban Italian Ciao:

More goodbyes if you wish on the soundcloud Goodbye Playlist (even suggest more if you wish)!

“Ciao ragazzi” !


PS : We also say goodbye to Ariane (who was very involved in the project) successfully passed a competitive exam and got a job in an architecture researches laboratory belonging to the French National Center for Scientific Reaserch (CNRS). 

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