Reviving the sound archives of Tanzania

In Tanzania, since 2011, a project is raising to highlight Tanzania’s historical memory relating to the African Liberation Heritage. To safeguard and ensure the preservation of endangered public archives in Tanzania, most institutions are promoting its heritage for present and future generations sustained by the UNESCO and European Community.

Sound archives are essential to transmit the vitality, memory and oral history through the voices of the country. This heritage archive reflects the diversity of languages, cultural identities and culture of Tanzania.

In 2014 a first workshop was conducted at the TBC, in Dar-es-Salam. Three years later, another workshop is currently conducted before the end of the project (an exhibition will soon take place).  It provides an opportunity to clarify their knowledge about digitizing and cataloging sound archives. Four institutions are involved :

– The Tanzania Broadcast Corporation – TBC1

– The National Museum of Tanzania2

– The team of the Ministry of Information, Culture Arts and Sports in charge of the program ALHP « African Liberation Heritage Programme »3

– The Records and Archives Management Department of Tanzania4 ))

– The Mwalimu Nyerere Fundation5

The workshop provides wonderful opportunity to exchange and cooperate about how to organize Tanzanian’s sound archives with UNESCO and the European Community under TAHAP –  « Tanzanian Archives Heritage Project ».

Alexandre Abergel, Sound engineer, and Véronique Ginouvès, CNRS’ Archivist, were the trainers of this sound team which, quickly, will show to the entire world on Internet, their amazing archives. It’s time to archive them for the present and future generations because this heritage is fragile. Every day irreplaceable parts of this memory disappear forever…  But the archivist teams of Tanzania’s leading heritage institutions are now working to organize their data and to refresh the memory!

Slides from the workshop (2014, updated 2017) : Archiving and disseminating sound archives – 1. Processes and procedures in digitizing sound materials,  2. Managing sound data, 3. Analysis and treatment of sound data,  4. Valorising digital sound archives.

Unesco and Intangible Heritage in Tanzania (in French) :

“La Tanzanie envisage la construction d’un centre du patrimoine de la libération de l’Afrique”, Centre d’Informations Internet de France-Chine, 21/09/2017 :

“Tanzanie : Prochaine construction à Dodoma d’un centre du patrimoine de la libération de l’Afrique”, DK News, 22/09/2017:

“Quelles sont les missions de l’Unesco ? “par Cyrill Roy , La Croix, le 13/10/2017 :


Inaugural speech of Nancy Kokwenda Kaizilege (UNESCO)

Digitisation with Alexandre Abergel

First day of the workshop







Crédits photographiques : workshop at TBC, August 2017, Véronique Ginouvès, CC-BY

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  1. You can see, right to the left :  Patricia Makuru, Abdulrazaq Mbena, Neema George, Haruna Sango, Omary Juma Kirimbo, Bethord Mahundi. []
  2. You can see left to the right: Sophia Fredy, Deudedith Joseph Kiyumbi and Joyce Nyamfulula. []
  3. You can see, left to the right: Peter Simon and Ingiahedi C. Mduma []
  4. You can see, left to the right: Festo Ompeshi, Isabella Robert. ((Information in french language about this project: []
  5. Edgar Atubonekisye. []

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