13 desserts

Avent-2: 13 desserts and two songs for Christmas

On aurait dit qu’un ouragan allait surgir. Un courant d’air cassa un vasistas. J’ai dit tout bas “I am afraid”. (La disparition, Georges Perec, 1969, p.97).

Tomorrow it will be time to prepare the meals of Christmas Eve. 

We suggest you prepare 13 desserts listening to Christmas two songs from other parts of the world, as this happy choir song “Joy to the World” recorded in the Marshall Islands in 1952, that will enlighten your night : http://archives.crem-cnrs.fr/archives/items/CNRSMH_I_1953_002_001_19

Or this other religious song from Vietnam recorded in 1961, in the Laac language: http://archives.crem-cnrs.fr/archives/items/CNRSMH_I_1973_002_044_02

This night of December 24th, in Provence, 13 desserts exactly must be on the table if you want everything to go well… In this interview, you can found the 13 desserts list :

–  the “pompe à huile” (a cake cooked with olive oil that you have to eat with fortified wine)

–  the “four mendicants/ quatre mendiants”: dried figs (for the Franciscan), raisins (for the Dominican), almonds (for the Carmelite), nuts (for the Augustinian),


– dates

– black nougat

– white nougat

– oranges,

– clementines,

– green melon

– grapes.

If you want to know more about the Christmas Eve recipes in Provence, you can listen to more records on Les carnets de la phonothèque.

… and if you want to know more about the thirteen number and inventing these “13 desserts”, read: Brégeon-Poli Brigitte, « “Va pour treize !” La “tradition” des desserts de Noël en Provence », Terrain [En ligne], 24 | mars 1995, mis en ligne le 08 juin 2007, consulté le 20 décembre 2020. URL : http://journals.openedition.org/terrain/3127 ; DOI : https://doi.org/10.4000/terrain.3127 SMASH

… and the blog posts of Mathilde Bresc about Christmas Recipes.

Have a beautiful end of the year “Bon bout d’an”, as we say in Provence.


The post was published in December 2015 along with other (a list received in December in my emails) :

Warm-up with a Greek Christmas carol (The Music Library of Greece of the Friends of Music Society – FMS) 

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Overture to Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart “He who remains faithful to one is being cruel to the others; I, who have an overabundance of sentiment, love them all.” – Don Giovanni, Act 2, Scene 1

“The record industry has been multinational from the very beginning” – Meet with Pekka Gronow (member of Europeana Sounds’ Advisory Board)

13 desserts and two songs for Christmas! (CREM-MMSH)

“Joy to the World” recorded in the Marshall Islands in 1952, that will enlighten your night: ”Maamme” (Finnish national anthem)

Watch Matthew Herbert mix soundscapes, field recordings and music from the Europeana Sounds collections (during the conference “Europeana Sounds 2015: The Future of Historic Sounds”).

Authors : Mathilde Bresc, Aude Da-Cruz-Lima, Véronique Ginouvès, Joséphine Simonnot, rearranged by V. Ginouvès.


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