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CLARIN Café – How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Tapes. Best Practices for Preserving Oral Archives

Take a coffee with us, on Wednesday 24 February 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET)!

About the café

Oral sources are rather fragile objects within oral history, mainly if compared to other kinds of historical sources such as artifacts and written documents, and thus rely on a specialised infrastructure for their preservation. This CLARIN Café discusses the best practices for preserving such oral sources.

It is a thematic continuation of previous events on the processing of spoken data organised as a collaboration between SSHOC and CLARIN, such as the SSHOC Webinar: CLARIN Hands-on Tutorial on Transcribing Interview Data, which focused on the role of automatic speech recognition of spoken interview data from the domain of oral history.

More specifically, the following documents will be presented and discussed:

  • The last two 2020 issues  (i.e., the 48th regular issue and a special issue) of Sonorités, an open access journal of the French Association of Sound, Oral and Audiovisual archives (AFAS), where the 48th issue focused on the ethnomusicological collections of two museums in France and the special issue presented the catalogue of the sound archives of the sociologist Michel Seurat, recorded in Lebanon and Syria in the 1980s. Claire Cialone-Gregoire who directed this special issue will be with us as our guest to discuss it.
  • The Italian Vademecum, which is a two-year collaborative enterprise that aims to offer both the Italian scientific communities and non-academic stakeholders a so-called “vademecum”. Its goal is to inform and sensitize researchers on the importance of properly preserving and archiving their oral sources, as a prerequisite for the possibility of enhancing them and making them available to both the subjects who participated in the research and other future scholars.
This CLARIN Café therefore addresses the data-creation phase of the data lifecycle within the Social Sciences and Humanities, which is one of the major goals of the SSHOC project and specifically of Work Package 4 (WP4).

You are welcome to join the discussion! Registration for the CLARIN Café  – How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Tapes. Best Practices for Preserving Oral Archives is open.

Link :

The café wil take place on Wednesday 24 February 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET).


Credits : Trillevogner, in the Late 1970s ? Fotograf Ørnelund Fra arkivet etter Norsk Spisevognselskap A/S (Arkivreferanse: PA1528_Ua1_7_002), Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway) Follow. No known copyright restrictions.

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